These Nurses Were Caught Breaking The Rules

Going to college for a nursing degree is hard work, so most people who finally graduate take their positions very seriously and would never dream of getting into trouble. Unfortunately, some of these newfound nurses are far from perfect angels. In fact, these nurses behaved so badly at work, that they got caught, humiliated, and some even went to prison for it. You’d better hope that one of these naughty nurses isn’t on duty if you ever land yourself in the ER.

We Can See It All

Russian nurse wears bra and panties underneath clear PPE robes
New York Post

We’re not sure exactly what this Russian nurse was thinking when she showed up to work one day in just a bra and panties. Well, in her defense, she threw on a totally translucent PPE gown over her outfit of the day. While technically she was adhering to the safety laws of the hospital (as she was fully covered, along with a full facemask), she was probably more of a danger to any patients with weak hearts. 

Nurse By Day Model By Night

Nurse posing for Instagram

During the day she is a full-time Emergency Room nurse taking care of patients that come into the trauma center with life-threatening injuries and conditions. On her off time, however, she is an Instagram model who is not afraid to show off a little (ok, a lot) of skin. Hopefully her employer doesn’t get wind of her account, although it’s not private so it could happen any day now. 

Drug Thief

Mugshot of a nurse who stole opiods from hospital

If you think this looks more like a mugshot that a photo out of the hospital floor, you’d be correct. In a children’s hospital in Akron, Ohio, this nurse was caught stealing tons of opioids (fentanyl, to be exact). How did she do it? Well, she would quietly move the drugs to the waste bin, and then smuggle them out with the trash.  

Super Strength

Body building nurse

You would never be able to tell with all of her baggy scrubs she puts on to go to work at the hospital, but this nurse is absolutely ripped. She doesn’t let her coworkers know, but she can be found posing for bodybuilder photoshoots in next to nothing. We don’t blame her though, if we had that body, we’d be doing the same thing.

Too Hot For Work

Thai nurse in riskay uniform

This Thai nurse was allegedly fired from her job at the hospital because she looked too hot in her uniform? While we don’t disagree that she looks smokin’, it’s not exactly fair that she was removed because of how good she happened to look in her actual, hospital approved, work clothes. Give a girl a break, she can’t help having perfect genes!

A Hair of All Colors

This nurse was body-shamed (well, at least hair shamed) by a cashier who didn’t like her rainbow locks or her tattoo located pretty low on her chest. It was after a particularly long shift at the hospital that a nasty cashier took one look at this nurse and told her she was “unfit for her job” because of her colorful hair and her tattoo. Apparently, her boss disagrees.

Not Cooperating With Police

Nurse getting arrested
Fox 13 Now

This nurse in Salt Lake City, Utah caused a huge uprising at the hospital where she works when she did not allow police to draw blood from a patient who was totally unconscious and unable to consent. She was arrested kicking and screaming and was removed from the building. In the end, the city ruled that she was correct and that the police were violating policy.

Non-Consensual Nudes

Mugshot of a nurse

It’s one thing to get caught sending nude pics of yourself, and they fall into the wrong hands. It’s another thing entirely when you’re a nurse and you get caught taking and sending nude pictures of your unconscious male patients and sending them to your friends as a joke. That’s what happened with this nurse, and she was eventually caught and her title was revoked, and rightfully so.

Too Soon, Read The Room

Nurse getting kicked out for Instagram photo
ABC Go News

This nurse who worked at New York Presbyterian Hospital uploaded a photo to Instagram that she would regret forever. After tending to a trauma victim, a man who was hit by a subway car, she posted a picture of the aftermath of the room, which was obviously a complete, bloody mess. To add insult to injury (literally speaking) she captioned it: “#Man vs 6 train”. 

Hairy Chest


This prankster nurse went around flashing the entire hospital, but not i nthe way that you think. She purchased a bodysuit with a man’s hairy chest design on it, pecs and all, and wore it one day to her shift underneath her scrubs. No one was any the wiser until she started lifting up her shirt for everyone to see.

Chive On

The Chive

This nurse wanted to be featured on the famous meme site, The Chive, so she snuck into the bathroom during her shift to take some pretty hot pics before her boss came looking for her. She made sure to have The Chive’s slogan abbreviated on a card tucked into her scrubs. 

Attack The Boss


These nurses from Panchkula India were not about to put up with being sexually harassed by a doctor at their hospital. When one day he went too far, a group of them burst into his room and beat him with their fists for his awful behavior. 

Hit and Run


Cerys Price, a 28 year old nurse, got into a fatal car crash while driving home from a vacation in Mexico. The other drive, an older man, was killed instantly from the crash. It was discovered, while she was being treated at the hospital for her injuries, that she was high on Tramadol, a heavy painkiller, and was in no state to drive.

Mr. Catfish

Daily Mail

28-year-old Adele Rennie, an ex-nurse, was detained and arrested after she was caught posing as a man catfishing women and convincing them to send her nude photos of themselves. She was arrested at 27 for the same crime, and a few months after her release was arrested again for the same crime.

Killer Nurse

Italina killer nurse who murdered her paitents
Daily Mail

This one is really horrifying. A nurse in Italy killed almost 40 patients before eventually getting caught, saying that they annoyed here. She killed them by injecting them with deadly potassium chloride. In this photo, she is posing with one of the patients she had just murdered. If she wasn’t in a murdering mood that day, she would give her patients laxatives at the end of her shift, so the next nurses would have to deal with the mess. 

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