Where Did Bill Gates Go to College?

Name:William Henry Gates III
College:Harvard University

What College Did Bill Gates Attend?

Bill Gates enrolled to the prestigious Harvard College in 1973, but dropped out in 1975 during his sophomore year.

Bill Gates in college at Harvard University
Bill Gates in college at Harvard University

What Degree Does Bill Gates Have?

None. Bill Gates dropped out of Harvard in his sophomore year in the middle of his Pre-Law degree. After realizing he was already wildly successful with Microsoft, he left school in 1975 to continue building his company.

Was Bill Gates in a Fraternity? If So, Which One?

No. Despite the many Greek organizations at Harvard, Bill Gates did not join any Fraternity.

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  1. […] Bill Gates is known to Harvard as it’s “most successful dropout.” Before leaving school early to create his company, Gates recollects that he was so into his classes at school that he never socialized with anyone. In fact, his biggest regret isn’t dropping out, it’s not meeting enough people while he was there. […]

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