Where Did Caitlyn Jenner Go to College?

Name:Caitlyn Marie Jenner (formerly William Bruce Jenner)
College:Graceland University
Degree:Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education
Organizations:Graceland Yellowjackets

What College Did Bruce Jenner Attend?

Caitlyn Jenner, then known as Bruce Jenner, attended Graceland College (now Graceland University) after being awarded a football scholarship for his performance in his high school football team.

Bruce Jenner in college at Graceland University
Bruce Jenner in college at Graceland University

What Degree Does Caitlyn Jenner Have?

Jenner earned a Bachelor’s degree in Physical Education at the Graceland College and graduated successfully in 1973.

Was Bruce Jenner in a Fraternity? If So, Which One?

No. Graceland College does not have any fraternities or sororities on campus like other schools, instead, they have social clubs called ‘Houses’. This is the reason why Bruce Jenner did not have an opportunity to join a fraternity back then.

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