These Are The Worst College Mascots Ever To Be Created

Every college and university needs a mascot to represent them, both on and off the field, court, or pitch. They’re loveable, relatable, and give a boost of ...

You Will Only Understand These Memes If You Went To University In The USA

Getting your degree is no walk in the park. In fact, sometimes it feels downright impossible. But hey, sometimes the only thing you can do when you feel like ...

College Pictures That Prove The Struggle Is Real

Going off to college is a huge step many kids take to further their education. However, despite what it looks like in the movies, it’s not all fun and games. ...

These Roommates Take Passive Aggressive To a New Level

Unless you decide to move in with someone you already know, moving in with your college roommate can really be a hit or miss. And sometimes it’s a really huge ...

Broke College Kids Recognize These Sad Meals All Too Well

Oftentimes, being a college student means that you are probably low on cash. Even more likely is that you don’t have access to a fully equipped kitchen, ...

These brutal ‘Roasts’ will be hard to recover from

These people asked to get roasted on Reddit, but they weren't prepared for the brutal comments they would get:

The Most Viral COVID19 Memes So Far

Cough cough Prime humor Everyday is Sunday Twenty twenty

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