13+ Cheerleaders Who Made Some Pretty Embarrassing Mistakes

College cheerleaders are known for their good looks, stylish uniforms, and amazing skills. When they are dancing and tumbling out on the field, they always seem to look stunning for the whole performance.

That’s why it’s hard to imagine them looking anything else but perfect. However, cheerleaders are only human as well, and sometimes they mess up…badly.

These college cheerleaders fell flat on their faces (both figuratively and literally)while cheering for their school’s team, and it was all caught on camera.

1. Strike A Pose

Cheerleader dancing with a funny face

It’s important to have a sassy face whenever you strike a sharp pose as a cheerleader, but this girl might have taken it a little too far.

It was probably just a really badly timed photo (or a perfect one, depending on who you are), but it happened to catch this cheerleader making one of the ugliest faces we’ve ever seen.

2. Tackled to The Ground

Although we never really think about it, an active football field is a pretty dangerous place to be.

There are enormous men running at full speed smashing into each other, and the tiny cheerleaders have to stand there and hope no one runs in their direction.

This cheerleader wasn’t so lucky though, as the quarterback ended up colliding straight into her as he tried to run for the ball. She seems pretty shocked about it.

3. Total Meltdown

Cheerleaders are probably most known for the spectacular and gravity-defying stunts they perform.

But throwing each other up high into the air can end up in a pretty dangerous situation if anything goes wrong.

This stunt group had a full-on meltdown as they dropped all of their flyers at once and ran to try and pick up the pieces (aka the cheerleaders). Much like Dominos, when one person goes down, the rest come with her.

4. Either He’s Excited Or He Wants To Kill You

If you ever turned to look at someone and he was looking back at you like this, you’d probably turn around and run.

This cheerleader was in the middle of a competition routine when the photographer snapped this picture. Although it’s important to have an excited expression on your face as you cheer, this is more maniacal than anything.

It’s the kind of look that says you look good…good enough to eat.

5. Crab Walking In Unison

Cheerleading routines are different from regular dance routines as they have moves that are specific to the sport; no other type of dance will include them.

However, we’re pretty sure that a group crab-walk is not one of these special moves.

It could be that this picture was snapped right when they were bending over backward into another move, but it sure looks like everyone wanted to make a table right then and there.

6. The Twisted Ballerina

Cheerleaders are super-talented dancers as well as tumblers. This Utah cheerleader proved that she can defy gravity and blur the lines between cheer and ballet with this amazingly difficult routine.

With a pom-pom up top and ballet slippers on the bottom, she managed to perform an amazing feat. Unfortunately for her though, her body is twisted into something that came straight out of a horror movie.

7. It All Comes Crashing Down

Sometimes there are stunt groups, and sometimes there are standalone stunts where a flyer is put into the air by only one base.

Although this kind of stunt certainly looks cooler, it means that there is no one else around to catch you if something should go wrong.

This flyer faltered in the air and came crashing down on her base’s neck with all of her weight. That must have hurt like crazy.

8. Total Collapse

This stunt group tried to put up a stunt that was way above their skill set, obviously. Because the whole group came crashing down hard onto the field.

Not one of them was left standing and no one, despite how many they were, was able to catch the flyer (which was their only job).

Can you imagine how much that must have hurt? Football fields are not soft at all and that turf is rough.

9. A Broken Chain

The only time it’s really dangerous to hold hands with your friends is when you are all up in the air being supported by other people holding your legs.

Unfortunately for this stunt trio of college cheerleaders, the middle one’s stunt group didn’t hoist her up correctly and she didn’t stay tight, so she came crashing down.

Even wore, she brought the two groups next to her down with her since they were all holding hands. 

10. Practice Makes…Perfect?

When they’re not in class, college cheerleaders spend most of their time at the school’s gym practicing their routines and working out together.

This is a really good thing because it allows them to perfect their tricks and stunts in a safer (softer) environment, without the whole school watching.

Lucky for this girl she landed face-first on a decently soft surface instead of AstroTurf.

11. Get On The Floor

Cheerleader falling on basketball court

It’s one thing to fall on a gymnastics mat at competitions or on astroturf at a football game. But college cheerleaders don’t just cheer for football games, they are there for basketball season as well.

When they are cheering on the court, they need to be extra careful to not let their stunt group fall, because those poor girls will land on a waxed hardwood floor, like this unfortunate cheerleader here. 

12. Almost There

There are a lot of high jumps that you have to master to become a cheerleader because they will be included in almost all of your routines.

You need the flexibility to be able to get your leg up high enough and the strength to hold it there.

This cheerleader must have missed the memo on that because she could barely jump half a foot off the ground. She was trying though, you can see the pained look on her face.

13. And That’s When He Knew He Messed Up

Cheerleader about to smash into a guy's face

It’s hilarious when a picture manages to capture all of a person’s emotions and expressions during an event, so you feel like you know exactly what they were thinking.

The poor soul’s face shows the exact moment he knew he had messed up, and the cheerleader he was failing to catch was about to plow right into his face with her behind. 

14. Oh The Horror

Cheer base looking up at flyer

Either this man is seeing something he really wants to see or really really doesn’t.

As a base, it’s important to keep your eyes on your flyer at all times, to make sure she is staying safe while up in the air. But this cheerleader’s face tells us that he is looking into the eyes of God…or maybe the Devil himself.

Either way, whatever he’s seeing he will never forget for his entire life. 

15. You’re Doing It Wrong

What was meant to be a very elegant and graceful split in the air, looks more like an Egyptian queen being carried around by her slaves.

Especially that male cheerleader who looks like he is taking the brunt of the work and being crushed under the girl’s weight.

If he doesn’t let her down soon, he might break his neck or get stuck that way.

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