Where Did The Rock Go To College?

Name:Dwayne Douglas Johnson
College:The University of Miami (1991-1995)
Degree:B.G.S. in Criminology & Psychology

What College Did The Rock Attend?

in 1991, Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson attended the University of Miami where he had earned a full football scholarship. He graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in 1995 and played Defensive Tackle for his school’s team.

The Rock at the University of Miami
The Rock at the University of Miami

What Degree Does The Rock Have?

The rock earned a double Bachelor of General Studies in Criminology and Psychology from the University of Miami.

Was The Rock in a Fraternity? If So, Which One?

No. Due to the intensity and frequency of football practice, Dwayne (The Rock) Jonson did not join any fraternities while enrolled at the University of Miami.

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