12+ Genius Drinking Games Everyone Should Know

You’ve probably been to your fair share of college parties, so you know what usually goes down. There’s music, dancing, and copious amounts of drinking. Sometimes there are even games like beer pong, flip cup, and a poorly executed kegstand or two. Honestly, this can get pretty stale after going to these same parties every weekend for months on end. But you can add a fresh twist to your next party by getting one of these super fun drinking games!

Drunken Tower

So this is basically like Jenga, which is pretty okay on its own, but with two majorly more fun additions. Firstly, you get to drink while you do it, and secondly, each block you pull out of the tower comes with a rule (take a shot, play never have I ever, make up your own rule to embarrass all of your friends…the list goes on). You can literally spend hours playing this, lots of people can play at a time, and you still have all of the nerve-wracking anxiety that comes with pulling wooden beams out of a very shaky tower.


You’ve got to be careful with this one, as it will get you extremely drunk, dangerously quickly. Basically, you and your friends draw a card, one by one, and do whatever it prompts you to do. Either you or the other players will have to take a drink each time, depending on what the card says. Examples range from “take a drink if you’ve ever gone to class drunk” all the way to “drink if you’re a ginger”. Also, up to 20 friends can play at once, so it’s great for big parties as well as smaller get-togethers.


So imagine Monopoly…only it’s on steroids and every space you move to has to do with getting thoroughly intoxicated. This board game combines all of the classic great drinking games into one super sloppy board game you can play with up to twelve teams of 2. We mean it when we say you will never get bored with this game, as it comes with ping-pong balls, a deck of cards, dice, 6 game pieces, and mini bottles to collect for wins. Just bring the cups, some friends, and some booze, and you’ll be entertained for literally hours.

Shot Glass Roulette

What’s better than playing a real game of roulette without losing all of your money? Getting wasted in the process, of course! This game is simple, and comes with a s[inner, roulette balls, and 16 shot glasses marked with their respective numbers. Now you can get gambling without risking your assets (except maybe your liver…and possibly your dignity as well).

Trunk of Drunk

This is really the crown jewel of all drinking game supply kits that any party goer (or thrower) should have onhand. This trunk of drinking games comes complete with 20 reusable red cups (no need to constantly buy more every time you want to throw a banger), 4 ping pong balls, dice, and cards. It has everything you need for Beer Pong,  Flip Cup, King’s Cup, Never Have I Ever, Most Likely, 21’s, Arrogance, and Screw The Dealer. All the classics, covered.

Spin The Shot

This is basically the adult version of spin the bottles, except when the arrow lands on you, instead of going in for the kiss, you take the shot. It’s really simple, no batteries or brainpower required. Just fill up the shot glass and give it a spin. Whoever it lands on is one step closer to a hangover tomorrow morning.

Tipsy Chicken

Have you ever played Truth or Dare with a bunch of scaredy cats who never actually pick dare? Well, this game is NOT for them. Tipsy Chicken is basically a full deck of dare cards that will really push the limits on how far you’ll go (we’re not kidding, these dares are not for the weak). Complete the dare, and get a GOAT card, chicken out and get a CHICKEN card. Either way, you will finish the game very drunk.


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You’ve probably seen something like this on old-timey game shows where contestants drop a ball or beansack down a giant peg board and wherever it lands, they get a prize (or a penalty). Well, Drinko is basically the same thing, except no matter where your chip lands, you will have to drink a shot. It’s best to fill the shot glasses with different liquors so you don’t what you’ll get until it lands (cannot promise you won’t have the mother of all headaches the day after though).

5 Second Rule

No, you won’t have to eat something gross off the floor. The game is simple, you’ll have 5 seconds to name 3 things within a certain category as told by the card you choose. The catch? Each category is risque to say the least. If you can’t think of 3 examples within your category (or you’re way too embarrassed to name them outloud), you drink.

Fear Pong

Fear Pong is essentially Beer Pong…with one very important twist. Before you play, you need to arrange coaster cards, with dares written on each one, which will sit hidden underneath your cups. If the other team makes a cup, you lift it up and see what is written on your coaster. If you complete the dare, you get to keep the cup in play. If not…you’d better get drinking.

Hardcore Kings

Hardcore Kings
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You’ve definitely never played this version of Kings, and it’s called hardcore for a reason. It’s played the regular way, but each card drawn will have you dancing, stripping, kissing, chugging, and even arm wrestling to complete your turn. It’s all the fun of Kings, with the intensity of a full-on college rager.

Party Bean Bag Toss

When the weather is nice out, it’s definitely a good idea to move the party outside (day drinking is the best kind of drinking in our opinion). Why not have a few outdoor party games that you couldn’t ever play in the house? This bean bag toss is perfect for big day ragers, and the rules are as simple as can be. You sink it, they drink it.

Bonus: Fast Sling Puck

Technically, this game is not a “drinking game” but hey, any game can be a drinking game if you really want it to!

This fast-paced and extremely-fun game went viral this summer after it was seen on multiple videos on Facebook and TikTok. So we had to try it out and, honestly, it lives up to the hype.

The rules are simple: whoever manages to get all of the pucks into the opponent’s side wins – and the loser needs to take a shot. Highly recommended.

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