Hilarious Photos Taken At The Gym

Almost every college or university has its own gym and/or recreation center where students can come to stay fit and healthy. Although many of these gyms have trainers and staff at the ready to help students use the equipment or workout properly, there are still those who end up embarrassing themselves completely.

Either these college students are totally unfamiliar with how a gym works or maybe they bite off a little more than they can chew to show off to their friends. Here are some of the most hilarious college gym fails that students actually got on camera.

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Lost Her Pants

I felt so bad for laughing at this girl who was working out one day at my gym. But she was definitely using that machine wrong, she was going way too fast, and I guess her pants got hooked onto it.

When she released the weight it kind of flipped her over and took her pants with it. It was really bad.

I laughed but then I ran over to help her up and get her out of there. Gotta help a sister out. 

Kitty Cat Suit


Okay so I did NOT know what this was all about when I took this confused selfie, but later on, I learned that he was on the wrestling team and this was a practice uniform.

Honestly, I didn’t know wrestlers wore these jumpsuit tights things…but when I looked it up later I saw that none of them had giants cats on them.

Workout Stilettos

I think this was a joke or something cause I saw all these girls laughing about this.

I couldn’t hear what they were saying but I’m assuming it was supposed to be a prank. I was doing my workout for the day and this group of girls dressed up SO fancy came into the gym and started benching.

It was so weird, but also really impressive honestly. 

Sweaty Cheeks

The rule at my college’s gym is that you have to wipe off the equipment with cleaner (which they literally provide all over the gym) and a paper towel so it’s not all gross and sweaty for the next person.

THIS IS WHY THAT RULE EXISTS. But apparently, the football player, who literally used every piece of equipment without wiping down a single one, doesn’t know that.

I swear some people are so nasty. 

Weight Bench PDA

There was this girl in my class who worked part-time at our college’s gym at the front desk.

There was another girl who was also a student worker there as a trainer, and her boyfriend would come in all the time and “book her” for a training session.

I know they were dating, but they always made it super awkward every time. 

Upside Down

Usually, there were only students working out at my college’s student center, but occasionally some of the staff and professors would come in to work out too.

One day I caught my Physics professor using the weight bench so entirely wrong.

He was doing like a half headstand on an angle…I didn’t say anything to him because I was afraid he would get mad (the guy was not nice in class).

No Flood Will Stop My Workout

I go to college in Texas in an area that gets a lot of flooding in the winter, and sometimes our lecture halls and student centers will flood with almost no warning.

When it happens we have to get our things and evacuate immediately.

Except for this kid, who wanted to finish his workout. I don’t know him but the photo was circulating in our school for months.

Extreme Band Practice


So there was a full marching band at the gym today.

Apparently, my university’s marching band practices their routines while walking on the treadmill once or twice a month, I’d just never been there for it so I was shocked.

It makes sense though because they have to be able to play and move without getting out of breath.

Outfit Fail

I do not understand when girls would come to workout at the gym in fancy outfits with their hair done.

There would always be this one girl who came to workout most days while I was there, and she’d always have her hair and makeup done, a nice outfit, and like barely even workout.

She definitely came for the boys to just watch her.

Catching Up On Some Studyin

I’ve seen some really weird places kids at my school would study, but this was probably the weirdest.

This guy just walked into the gym, laid down on a workout bench, took out his book, and started studying like it was totally normal.

He stayed there for the duration of my 30-minute run, and was still there after I showered and left. There weren’t that many people in the gym that day, so I guess it was fine..?


t rex running on treadmill
Daily Express

During the week surrounding Halloween everyone on my campus dresses up for classes and parties, it’s really fun.

And a lot of students go to workout at the gym in their costumes as well. The T-Rex running on the elliptical was definitely my favorite from this year.

I was actually dying of laughter when I looked over and saw it, I had to stop my workout just to compose myself before I dropped a weight on my foot.

Let Them Eat Cake

It was my friend’s birthday, and we usually go to the gym after our one class that we all have together.

Today we planned to show up a little late and got him a cake that we were going to eat after the workout. He walked in on us setting it up in the locker room and ruined the surprise.

This dude picked up the cake, brought it into the gym, and started biting it.

Krispy Kreme

Sometimes different retailers come to our school to sponsor events and have their products there for sale.

I don’t know who came up with this setup, but my school had some kind of event with Krispy Kreme, and they set up a stand literally right in the gym!

So you finish your intense workout and then completely ruin it with the most carb-heavy donut there is??

I Got You Bro

My university has 15 Fraternities, so the gym is always full of Frat Bros trying to show off in their colored polo shirts.

It’s annoying because they are so loud and they don’t even know how to use the equipment properly. But this is my all-time favorite.

They literally had 2 dudes attempting to spot this one guy. It might have been the worst spotting I’ve ever seen.

Crab Walk

I saw this girl at my school gym with her hands on the floor walking backward, crab-walk style, on the treadmill.

She was doing this or attempting to do this) for a good 10 minutes until one of the trainers came over to help her.

She didn’t know that she could walk backward on it to exercise the same muscle group.

Safety First

I’m all for safety first, especially when it comes to wearing a helmet while biking.

But I think maybe this girl (she’s in my class and is really nice but very shy and quiet) didn’t quite understand the point of wearing a helmet.

I mean she actually showed up and strapped the helmet on before climbing onto the elliptical machine. It was really funny but she’s sweet and no one made fun of her.

Tipping Over

At my university’s gym, there was always a big crowd of meatheads at the weights, which means I never had a chance to go over there.

One day I saw this kid there who was obviously smaller than the rest of the guys, but I guess he wanted to show them that he could fit in.

He picked literally the heaviest set up weights he could find, with terrible form, and immediately came crashing down. I can’t believe I managed to get a shot of it.

Workout For Your Mind

My Calculus professor was at the gym today when I went.

I guess he was trying to give his brain a workout for our evening class today.

He’s a really smart dude (in math), but this was totally ridiculous. I watched two of the trainers approach him to try and help, but he insisted he knew what he was doing.

The Splits

This girl really waited 10 minutes in line to use the pull-up machine so that she could do it all wrong.

I swear she like climbed her way to the top just to sit in a straddle and hold on to the bars. She definitely saw at least 3 people use it correctly before her turn.

But she was also like yelling to no one. I think she might have been a little unstable..

Weight Lifting Woman

I always like to watch the weight corner at my school’s gym (I mostly go to run on the treadmill and that’s it).

It’s always full of attractive football players, meatheads who are trying to out-bro each other, or random skinny guys trying desperately to bulk up.

But one day I saw this girl who was such a beast with these super heavy weights. I had to take a picture (because I was proud) but it came out looking like this…

You’re Doing It Wrong

My college gym has no shortage of people doing weird things, so I always have my phone on hand because I swear some of the stuff I’ve seen in there you wouldn’t believe.

That’s why when I saw this dude literally sitting on the floor in a split pulling the weights down onto him, I had to snap a pic. 

Reading Nook

I’m at the gym every day after class and around 7pm my psych professor comes in to sit on the leg machine and read the paper.

Every few minutes he’ll do a few leg pushes, but mostly he just sits there and reads and nobody bothers him.

I think he’s just stalling so he doesn’t have to go home yet.

Must Have Music

I guess this dude didn’t have his phone or iPod on-hand but he couldn’t bear to lift without some pump-up music (I get it, I’ve been there).

So this guy literally tucked his laptop into the back of his pants for his entire workout, start to finish.

I had to admire his innovation though…it was actually kind of impressive.

Motivational Sign

I go to Humboldt State University and one of the student workers likes to redraw the sign outside of the gym every few weeks.

This week they had this one and I thought it was hilarious.

I’m glad I managed to get a pic of it because I think the school made him remove it the next day.

Girl Talk

I will never understand when girls go to the gym to literally just hang out and talk to their friends. Like, what’s the point?

This girl’s friend wasn’t finished with her run so her friend just took up a whole treadmill to stand next to her to talk?

And there were people waiting too, she just didn’t care at all.

This Is Not Your Living Room

There’s this kind of weird and quiet girl in my class who doesn’t seem to have a lot of friends.

One day I was at the gym and I look over and this girl has literally taken a folding chair and sat down at the treadmill to watch TV.

I asked her what she was doing and she said the TV in her dorm was broken. 

A Quick Nap

I’m not sure who this guy is (I think he’s a professor…or at least I hope), but I’ve seen him now at least four times come into the gym to start a workout and just fall asleep right on the bench.

Eventually someone wakes him up to use the machine, but I always feel kinda bad. He looks so tired.

Baby On Board

One of my professors was on maternity leave and came back the next semester to teach.

She told us that sometimes her husband has to work late and can’t pick up their son on time, so she brings him with her to class and even to the gym.

He’s actually so well-behaved it’s really cute.

The Exercise Ball

These guys were messing around with each other at the weight section at my university’s gym, and I was just waiting for someone to get hurt.

The one guy was trying to balance himself on one of the weight benches on an exercise ball.

He rolled off and slammed into the weights so hard. Kind of deserved it though. 

Too Close For Comfort

I do not understand how some people use the gym equipment at my school COMPLETELY wrong, it’s embarrassing honestly.

This kid was on one of the bikes and he was sitting with his face half an inch from the front of the machine, it looked like he was going to eat it.

But ew, he was breathing all over it and that’s where you have to touch it to set the speed…

Work Your Segway

I always see this girl riding around campus on her Segway, but I’ve never actually seen her without it.

Like, I’ve never seen this girl move her legs to get around since she’s always on this thing.

Today I saw her at the gym on a treadmill ON HER SEGWAY and that’s when I knew she must have problems because that’s insane.

Worst Spotter Ever

I rarely go to the gym by myself, and if I do, I never ever bench because I need someone trustworthy to spot me (I’m terrified of the weight falling on my neck).

I saw these dudes who were spotting each other and the one kept looking over to watch this girl working out. His friend was really struggling too, I was just waiting for him to drop it and his “spotter” not even notice.

That’s Gotta Hurt

Sometimes my school’s gymnastics team comes into the gym for their extra personal workouts (even though they have their own team gym that they pretty much live in).

Whenever they come in, they are mostly on the mats doing flexibility training.

This is how it looks, I can’t look too long because I can literally feel my groin ripping apart.

Do NOT Mess With Her

Most of the time I don’t see any girls over by the heavyweights (it’s usually packed with dudes trying to out-lift each other).

This girl came in today, looking like this, and went directly over to the heaviest weights and started to deadlift them.

It was incredible to watch all the guys get embarrassed at the fact that this girl came over and put them in their place without saying a word.

Too Short For Fitness

This really cute girl in my class always comes to the gym at the same time I’m here.

She just so happens to be really short (I think she’s not even 5 feet). So she struggles sometimes to reach the machines that are high up.

But she’s innovative, so she always manages to find something to stand on to get up there.

I Scream You Scream

There was this Sorority girl working out on the bicycle and one of her sisters came in just to hang out with her for the rest of her workout.

She legit came in, with her ice cream cone, and sat down next to her in the tiny space between the bike next machine.

I guess that’s what you do if you’re in a Sorority…seems pretty weird to me though. 

Maybe Get Dressed First?

At my college the gym is located in the downstairs area of one of the Freshman dorms, so the lucky Freshmen that live there get to go to the gym anytime, without leaving the building.

But because of this, they often come down there with food, or in pajamas, or just hungover to use the sauna and not workout.

This was a new one though.

What’s On His Back?

Guy with a big sweat stain on his back

I’ve seen a lot of really funny things at my college gym for some reason, there are a lot of clowns who go here apparently.

But I saw this one dude who was working really hard and sat up from the bench to take a rest.

I’m not gonna say what his sweat mark looks like, I’ll just leave this here for your own interpretation. 

A Night Out And A Workout

Seriously, why do girls do stuff like this?

My gym at school is open pretty late (midnight on some days), and this girl came in by herself, fully dressed like she was at the club for hours, and got on the treadmill and started running!

She was wearing a short dress and heels. I swear I don’t get it, man.

Two Sets Of Arms But No Brains

Yes, you’re always supposed to have a partner when you bench heavy weights, but this is definitely not what people mean when they say that.

I don’t know what these guys were thinking but they literally laid down together on the bench and started lifting the same weight together.

That is so incredibly dangerous, they are seriously the biggest idiots.

She Went Down Swinging

My college gym has a section where the gymnastics team practices, and it’s basically open to the rest of the students when they aren’t there using the equipment.

So me and my friends like to go over there after our workouts and play around on the bars and the rings.

My friend Alicia decided to jump from the balance beam onto the rings and swing down. This is the moment she realized she made a mistake. 

Got Her In A Headlock

Some of the girls at my school must have never been to a gym before because I always see them doing stupid things like this.

This girl literally stuck her head into a leg-up bench and started bending her needs for some kind of weird backwards squat.

It was so embarrassing, and it took a few minutes before a trainer went over and explained how it worked. 

Are You Here To Workout Or Take Selfies?

I don’t understand why these girls come to the gym if they literally do one or two sets of tiny weights and spend the rest of the time in the mirror taking a million selfies.

Why couldn’t you just stay home and do that instead of hogging all the mirror space?

I swear she spent at least 20 minutes taking pictures of herself and only 5 on the actual workout.

I Think You’re Upside Down

This morning I went to workout before class, and I’m so glad I did because I snapped this absolute gem of a picture.

This guy was at the bench press laying BACKWARDS on the bench trying to bench the weights with his legs!

He couldn’t even actually reach the bar, but he kept trying anyway with no shame at all. 

Major Wardrobe Malfunction

I felt so bad for this girl at the gym today.

I guess she was wearing a bodysuit where the back went up extremely high on her back, but her sweatpants were super low-rise.

So it basically looked like her crack was out the whole time she was running, even though technically it wasn’t. It did look pretty bad though.

Never Skip Leg Day

Honestly, how are these guys who are lifting every day, for HOURS, still skipping leg day??

Don’t they know that their upper halves look super ripped while their lower halves look like string beans?

And how do those super tiny legs hold up all of that mass on top? It looks ridiculous, I don’t know what they have against working out their legs but someone should let them know it’s just as important.

Did You Forget Your Pants?

Guy wearing boxer shorts at the gym

Why do boys think it’s ok to come to the gym wearing only boxer shorts? Yes, they have the same amount of material as regular shorts, but still.

I wouldn’t come to the gym wearing a bikini even though it covers as much as a sports bra.

There’s such a thing called gym etiquette, and these boys need to learn it. 

This Is Not The Beach, Sir

Today I saw the thing that probably makes me the most mad in the whole world: people who wear flip flops to the gym.

First off, it’s super dangerous because someone (or you) can drop a weight onto your foot.

Also, you are so sweaty and the gym smells bad enough as it is without having your stinky feet out for the whole world to enjoy. 

I Don’t Understand

There’s this really weird guy who is always at my college gym. I’m not sure if he’s a professor or he just works there (or maybe he just sneaks in, I don’t know).

But he’s always there when I’m working out, and he literally just hangs around on the machines with his TWO cell phones facetime random girls and speaking what I think is Chinese.

It’s really sketchy but no one has thrown him out yet so….

Don’t Be That Guy

This guy is probably the most obnoxious student I’ve ever seen come into my gym.

He took out all of the weights and claimed he was using them all so no one else could take them.

In between his (very short) sets, he would take out his phone and text for like 5 minutes, most of the time standing on the weights. But still not letting anyone take them because he “was still using them”.

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