Hilarious Spring Break Photos That Will Leave You In Tears

Spring Break is a right of passage for all college students. Near the Easter holiday, colleges and universities let students out for around 2 weeks, during which time they fly to sunny resorts in tropical destinations like Punta Cana and Cancun for a few nights of absolute mayhem.

There’s an excessive amount of parties and much more. But on every Spring Break trip, there are always the few students who take it too far and get themselves into trouble. These college Spring Breakers totally embarrassed themselves on their trips.

Having Some Car Trouble

I was on Spring Break at a beach in Costa Rica, and these guys thought they were so smart because, instead of parking on the paid parking lot (which cost literally $5.00 for the whole day), they decided to just drive their car up to the beach.

They didn’t realize how fast the tide would come in, and ended up having to physically haul their car out of the ocean. 

Don’t Touch My Flip Flops

Apparently people on my Spring Break trip were getting their flip flops stolen all the time, if they left them at their spot on the beach out outside their hotel rooms to dry.

This one girl decided that she would not be yet another victim of the flip flop thief, so she legit got out a bike lock and locked them to a pole.

It worked, they were still there when we got off the beach. 

Ride ‘Em Cowboy

We all asked Kyle not to bring that stupid horse mask he bought for Halloween, because he thinks it’s hilarious to wear it all the time to all of our parties.

Well, he brought it with us to Spring Break, obviously.

And he brought it to the beach. And he wore it and asked strangers if they wanted “horsey rides”. Weird guy, but we love him. 

The Headless Beachgoer

I swear I walked past this girl and almost had a full heart attack.

I don’t know how she managed to keep her head below the sand for that long, but it really looked like she was headless.

I didn’t see her at first and almost stepped on her. Then I went to apologize and almost passed out when I saw she was missing a head.

They’re Not Birds They’re Monsters

We decided one day to have a whole BBQ on the beach instead of going to a restaurant. We spent all morning at the grocery store, preparing food, and packing it all in ice and then carrying all of it to the beach.

We got all set up and started grilling. And that’s when the seagulls attacked us.

We had to repack everything and leave if we wanted any chance of actually eating our food.  

That Was A Flipping Fail

This guy was trying to show off to some of the cheerleaders who were on Spring Break with us by telling them he could hold them in the air while they did tricks.

He struggled lifting even the tiniest girl, and when he finally did get her up there, a wave hit him and then two went flying.

She face-planted right into the ocean.

Unfortunate Tan Lines

Steve promised he wasn’t going to fall asleep all day on the beach after a full night of partying.

He promised us he would be totally fine to “keep going the next day”. He sat down on a lounge chair, opened a bottle of wine, and fell immediately asleep with the bottle laying on his chest.

Didn’t even take a sip of it. 

Is That You On The Cover?

Meme Guy

This was too perfect not to take a picture of, but I had to be sneaky because I think that lady would have gotten mad.

I don’t feel bad for her though, because minutes before I took this she was literally yelling at me and my friends about our bikinis being too revealing and our talking being too loud.

So that face on her book is really fitting to her personality. 

Everything’s Fine Mom

If you fall asleep on the beach after drinking four bottles of wine by yourself, anything that follows is fair game.

That’s why when my friend did exactly that on the first day of Spring Break, we covered him in rocks spelling out this message, and sent the picture to his mom.

I’m pretty sure she wasn’t too happy about it.

Beach Baby

We saw the cutest, yet coolest baby on the beach one year at Spring Break in Cancun.

Omg he was lounging on the beach chair in his tiny sunglasses looking like a total boss.

He knew how cool he was too, he had that look on his face like “what do you want from me ladies, I’m trying to get my tan on”. 


My roommates and I went down to Miami Beach, Florida for Spring Break during our sophomore year of college. One day on the beach we met these girls who convinced my friend Jake to wear one of their bathing suit tops and try out for the bikini contest as a joke. He did and it was hilarious, but then afterward he fell asleep on a beach chair in the sun. He woke up like this.

Can’t Anybody Here Read?

There is literally a sign, directly next to all of these people playing on the pipe, asking for them to not play on the pipe.

At first I thought it was maybe all kids who can’t read, but then I saw all their parents right there along with them.

This kind of thing makes me have no faith in humanity.

This Isn’t The Pasture

I’ve been to India, so seeing a cow on the beach isn’t something that’s completely foreign to me.

But seeing one while I was on Spring Break in South Carolina definitely threw me.

My friend who was with me completely freaked out though. She’s afraid of cows, and this was literally the last place she ever thought she’d run into one.

The Girl Behind You Does Not Approve

I tried taking a selfie thinking I was so cute at the beach, and I posted it to Instagram.

It was only after the comments started rolling in that I noticed the little girl on the billboard behind me sticking her tongue out disapprovingly at my selfie.

She was really judging me so hard…I had to take the photo down because that’s all everyone was noticing. 

Monkey Business

I went with my sister to Thailand our senior year of college over Spring Break, and one day we were on the beach and a guy literally had the cutest baby monkey he was walking on a leash. He came over and said hi to us, he was super friendly. It was the cutest thing ever, but he was definitely super interested in my chest.

Surf’s Up Batman!

There was a surfing contest in Malibu when I went for Spring Break, and a lot of the surfers competing wore really cool wetsuits to represent their different styles.

And then there was this guy, who showed up wearing a batman costume, I’m pretty sure it wasn’t even a wetsuit.

He was actually pretty good, the whole crowd was cheering and singing the Batman theme song.

Spring Break? More Like Study Break

Some people don’t know when or how to just take a break.

This guy was staying at the same hotel as we were on Spring Break, and the night before he was telling us how he brought his whole desk and computer to work on the beach the next day.

We all laughed and thought he was joking. Apparently not.

Hairy Top

My boy Alex is super hairy all over his body.

We got down at Virginia beach one year on Spring Break and decided to shave his whole chest and upper arms so he could get some kind of tan.

As a prank, we gave him a bikini top instead. Somehow it actually got him loads of girls, so he kept it like for the rest of the trip.

Body Surfing But Literally

Who doesn’t love body surfing? It’s super fun and you don’t even need a board to do it.

But just because we didn’t bring our boards to the beach, doesn’t mean we aren’t going to try and score some.

We didn’t want to pay the rental fee though, so we just used each other. It is called body surfing so…

Group Photo

All I wanted was a nice group photo at the beach to remember our Spring Break this year, but everyone was complaining that they looked bad or they didn’t have makeup, blah blah blah.

So we found a compromise and took the picture of our shadows (can’t see our flaws this way) and then drew our facial expressions in the sand.

It actually came out pretty good. 

Get Every Spot

I don’t know if this guy is my hero or I’m ready to pass away from second-hand embarrassment.

We were on the beach one year at Spring Break and saw this man start applying sunscreen.

He couldn’t reach his back, but instead of asking for help, he takes out a paint roller, spreads the sunscreen on it, and rolls it all over his whole back. 

Is That An Egg Or Your Head?

There wasn’t anything weird about this guy we saw at the beach…that is, until we looked at his head.

At first, I thought he was wearing a beanie or a bathing cap. But no, this was his bald head that was completely white from literally never seeing the sun.

He must have worn a swimming cap every day of his life until that day. 

Ripped Dudes In Teeny Bikinis

There was a bikini contest on the beach one year during Spring Break, and there were lots of really pretty girls.

And then there were these guys who looked like they’ve never skipped a day at the gym, like ever.

They somehow got a hold of some bikinis and went up on stage like this, it was pretty darn epic. 

Nothing Trumps Math I Guess

Yes it’s true that professors always give homework to do over Spring Break, but you have to at least take a few days to enjoy your vacation.

Especially if you took the time to travel to the beach! But not for this guy.

It doesn’t matter if he’s surrounded by sun, sand, and gorgeous girls in bikinis. Math comes first.

What On Earth Is Happening In This Photo?!

Ok, there is a lot to unpack here and even though we were literally there, we still don’t exactly understand what was going on.

This family (I think they were a family?) came to take a portrait on the beach. The man wore a full suit and was holding what I believe was a rabbit.

His wife (?) was there too, but dressed for the beach, and there were two kids (maybe theirs, maybe not) just watching them. They looked just as confused as I was.

I’ll Just Have One For The Road, Pops

There was this young couple next to us on the beach one year in Punta Cana, and they had a little baby with them who was around 2 years old, so cute.

I looked over though, and saw his mom cracking up following him trying to take the beer he had just stolen from her out of his hand.

He was very determined to leave with it.

Hello Ladies

Me and my girlfriends were in Thailand for our Senior Year Spring Break trip, and there was literally a chimp walking around the beach with his owner who was selling photos with him.

We obviously had to take one, he was so cute and well-behaved.

He got right in the middle of our pictures and put his arms around us…but one of them went somewhere we didn’t expect…

Scariest Photobomb Ever

Me and two of my Sorority sisters went on a cruise over Spring Break my Junior Year, and in one of the islands there was this stingray excursion where they take you to a shallow part of the ocean and you can swim with stingrays. It sounded really cool so we went.

We regretted it immediately when we got into the water.

These things were SO brave and one of them literally jumped up on our backs as we were taking a picture.

An Almost Picture-Perfect Pose

Me and my boyfriend asked some people nearby to take a few pictures of us looking out at the ocean for our last day of Spring Break.

They agreed, and we were so excited. But they happened to have a dog, who took no issue with jumping into our picture at the last minute, lifting his leg, and doing his business on both of our backs.

Get It Off Me!

Over Spring Break one year we went with my parents and my best friend.

We went out one day to the beach, where somehow an octopus attached itself to my dad’s back and I have NO idea how but no one (including my dad) noticed until we were up on the boardwalk.

We had to pry the thing off, it did not want to let go.

A Lady Or A Leather Handbag

I’m not afraid of aging gracefully, but this lady I saw on the beach scared the life out of me. It looked like she had been sleeping in a tanning bed for years on end.

And she was sitting out in the sun, my guess is with no sunscreen on, tanning even more.

Her grandson was with her, and his face says it all about how he feels about the whole situation. 

Bikini Fail

Me and my friends went to the lake one year, and my girlfriend lost her bikini top while swimming in the deep part of the lake.

She swam back to the shore because she couldn’t find it. This guy who was in a boat in the middle of the lake found it and ran it over.

He made an effort to show me he wasn’t looking at her.

Family Photo Faux Pas

There was this cute family who asked me to get a nice photo of them in the ocean with their two kids.

The kids were really fidgety and didn’t want to hold still and pose. Finally, after a lot of bribing with desserts, they agreed to pose.

As I went to snap the picture for them, a giant wave came crashing in and knocked them all over. This is the photo I got.

Mutant Baby-Woman

When I tell you I had to do a quadruple take… I was at the beach and I looked over because I heard a cute baby, but instead of seeing a normal baby, I saw this.

The sun was in my eyes so I was really confused as to what exactly I was looking at.

I took this picture, and later on I saw what was going on. It was so weird though.

He’s Having The Worst Day

This guy had the absolute worst luck I’ve ever seen. He was next to us on the beach.

His kids were loud and misbehaved, and he let them completely bury him to keep them occupied. He was not liking it but stayed quiet as they literally buried him up to his neck.

Then their mom took out some snacks for them, and that’s when the seagulls came. 

Sunglasses Would Have Been Better

This lady next to us was tanning on her stomach for an hour, so she went to turn over to lay on her back to tan the other side.

I thought she would take out some sunglasses like her daughter next to her.

But no, she took out a pair of men’s underwear and put them over her entire head. 

The Crabs Need To Quit

This sign was on the beach and I thought it was hilarious.

It actually worked too, as I didn’t see any cigarette butts or liter on the beach (which is so nice, because it’s always so nasty where I usually go at the Jersey Shore).

Hopefully the crabs can find some help for them to quit soon! In the meantime, the beach will stay clean.

Literal Couch Surfing

We brought a blow up couch one year to the beach for Spring Break, and it was such a good idea because we used it the whole time.

It was much more comfortable than sitting on towels on the hard sand the whole time. But then, our two stupid friends thought it would be cool to try surfing on it.

They managed one wave until something punctured the couch and it deflated. It was nice while it lasted.

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