Where Did Kendall Jenner Go to College?

Name:Kendall Nicole Jenner
Status:Never Attended
Kendall Jenner in high school
Kendall Jenner in high school

What College Did Kendall Jenner Attend?

Kendall Jenner did not attend any college. In fact, she was home-schooled before becoming the multi-millionaire media personality, socialite, and supermodel that she is today.

What Degree Does Kendall Jenner Have?

None, Kendall Jenner does not have a college degree. Instead, she decided to pursue a career in modeling at the early age of 14. She mentioned in an interview that the only reason to go to college was to get a job, and she already had several opportunities waiting in line.

Was Kendall Jenner in a Sorority? If So, Which One?

No. Because she never attended college, Kendall Jenner didn’t have an opportunity to join a Sorority.

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