Where Did Kevin O’Leary Go To College?

Name:Terence Thomas Kevin O’Leary
College:University of Waterloo (1974-1977), University of Western Ontario (1978-1980)
Degree:B.S. in Environmental Studies and Psychology, MBA in Entrepreneurship

What College Did Kevin O’Leary Attend?

Although Kevin O’Leary originally wanted to skip college and get into photography, his stepfather encouraged him to get his degree. After high school, he enrolled at the University of Waterloo where he earned his Bachelor’s degree and then continued on to the University of Western Ontario.

Kevin O'Leary on his college campus
Kevin O’Leary on his college campus

What Degree Does Kevin O’Leary Have?

In 1977, Kevin O’Leary earned an Honors Bachelor of Science degree in Environmental Studies and Psychology from the University of Waterloo. He then went on to earn a Master’s of Business Administration in Entrepreneurship from the University of Ontario’s Ivey Business School.

Was Kevin O’Leary in a Fraternity? If So, Which One?

No. Because he went to college in Canada (where Greek Life is almost nonexistent), Kevin O’Leary did not join a fraternity while enrolled in college.

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