Where Did Kris Jenner Go to College?

Name:Kristen Mary Jenner
Status:Never Attended
Kris Jenner in high school
Kris Jenner in high school

What College Did Kris Jenner Attend?

Kris Jenner did not go to college. Instead, she decided to focus on getting married early at age 22 and raising a family that eventually became one of the most iconic families in the world: The Kardashians.

What Degree Does Kris Jenner Have?

None, Kris Jenner never got a college degree. But this didn’t stop her from becoming the successful manager, producer, businesswoman, and author that she is today.

Was Kris Jenner in a Sorority? If So, Which One?

No. Since she never attended college, Kris Jenner didn’t have an opportunity to join a Sorority.

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