Where Did Steph Curry Go To College?

2Name:Wardell Stephen Curry II
College:Davidson College (2006-2009)

What College Did Steph Curry Attend?

After graduating high school in 2006, Steph Curry began his college career at Davidson College, which had been actively trying to recruit him since his sophomore year of high school.

Steph Curry playing for Davidson College
Steph Curry playing for Davidson College

What Degree Does Steph Curry Have?

Steph curry spent 3 years at Davidson College where he played on the school’s basketball team with a super successful record. By his junior year, he was the all-around NCAA scoring leader. Steph Curry decided not to continue on to his senior year, and instead went to pursue his career with the NBA. Steph Curry did not earn a college degree, though he has stated that he plans on finishing his degree eventually.

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Was Steph Curry in a Fraternity? If So, Which One?

No. Despite the many Greek organizations at Davidson College, Steph Curry did not join any Fraternity.

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