People Share The Craziest Reasons Why They Got Expelled From College

Almost every college student gets in trouble at least once during their time there. Whether it’s for falling asleep in class or getting caught sneaking drinks into the dorms, most students have some kind of story to tell. But it’s one thing to get into a bit of trouble in class, and another thing entirely to get expelled from school altogether.

Expulsion from your college or university is a very serious thing, and it takes a really bad offense for it to happen to you. These ex-college students tell all about why they or (their close friends) were expelled from their schools. Maybe you can learn from their mistakes to avoid the same fate.

1. The Day Sleeper 

I never, not even once, saw my Sophomore year roommate go to even one of his classes. I swear, I would leave in the morning for school and come back on my break and he hadn’t even gotten out of bed. The only time he would go out was during the evening hours (when most classes offered were already over) to go hang out with his friends and drink. 

He’d come in at like 4 am completely wasted and then sleep until noon the next day. We came back from break for our second semester and I had a new roommate. Apparently, that kid got expelled for not attending a single class.

2. Bar Fights

My friend’s roommate Kevin (who we would often go out with on the weekends) was a really angry drunk who loved getting into fights any time we went out. I hated when he would come out with us, but my friend insisted that he was “a good guy”. We would usually go to bars off-campus in the city, but one night we went to our one on-campus bar, and of course, this dude got into a fight with some guy who looked at him the wrong way. That kid happened to be the nephew of the Dean, and Kevin was expelled the next day.

3. Too Sick For School

I struggle with a lot of health issues, which would make me have to miss a lot of classes for hospital stays. It got to a point where I was missing 40% of my classes and was falling way behind. I tried to keep up with the work by having friends send it to me, but it was just not possible. The school was sorry, but they had to expel me. I guess it made sense, but it still made me really upset.

4. Sneaky Date

I went to a very small, super-Christian university with only 200 people, so everyone knew each other and everyone’s business. I’m not religious, I really just went there because I got a full-ride. The dorms were not co-ed, and we were strictly forbidden from having the opposite gender come into our dorms at any time.

Once I brought a girl (not from school) back to the dorm with me. I tried to be sneaky about it but apparently one of the security guards saw me come in and reported it to the administration. I was called to a disciplinary hearing and expelled right there.

5. Missed Payments

Graduation cap with rolled up $100 bills

My parents are divorced, so when I went off to college my mom gave me money for food and books and my dad agreed to pay for my tuition. After I finished my first semester and went home for break, I tried to apply for my next semester of classes only to find myself locked out of my account. I called the school and they said that I was no longer a student there.

I had been expelled because I had not been paying my tuition. It was a nightmare trying to get my spot back in time to register for classes (which had all been filled by the time I was able to get back in). I ended up having to take a semester off and continue the next year. 

6. Too Expensive

I got accepted to my dream university, but it was extremely expensive (tuition and living costs were astronomical). I tried to make it work by having 3 jobs on the side for weekends and after school. This exhausted me and I barely was able to pay my bills.

After a few months of trying to stay afloat with school and my jobs, my grades started slipping and I started failing my classes. After only one semester, I was expelled for my poor grades and even poorer attendance. Honestly, it was for the best, I wasn’t even enjoying my time there.

7. The Devil’s Music

I went to a Baptist university out in Oklahoma that was extremely religious. We had mandatory Christian studies as well as prayers, and a whole set of rules to “keep us pure”. They even had a list of music that was allowed to be played while on campus. I was taking a shower in my dorm and was playing some Metalica (NOT only the approved music list), but I thought I was alone in there and had the volume low enough to not be heard. Someone apparently was listening at the door and went straight to the administration. I was expelled on the spot for listening to “the Devil’s music”. 

8. Smoking The Herb

Guy who had too much of the green stuff
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I got expelled for smoking too much of “the Devil’s lettuce” in my dorm room. A lot of students would smoke in their dorms because each one had a window so you couldn’t smell anything from the hallway. Students would also disable the fire alarms just in case (super dangerous, I know). Even though I stayed by the window, I smoked so much that it stank up the entire floor, and the RA traced it back to my room. I’m honestly lucky I didn’t get arrested too. 

9. Cheater Cheater Pumpkin Eater

Cheating on a test
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My university was so big that most classes had at least 2 or 3 sessions for the same class. That meant that the same homework, tests, essays, etc. were used for each class, and the answers were almost always passed down to whoever wasn’t in the first session. I was in the second session of my Accounting class, and my best friend was in the first, so she would always give me a heads up about any pop quizzes. Once, I was on my phone during a quiz and I didn’t notice the professor was watching me receive all of the answers via text. He didn’t say anything to me that day, but the next time I arrived to the class, my test was handed back to me with a 0% and a “see me”. I was expelled for cheating that day which really sucked because I was the only one who ever got caught doing this. 

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