Teachers Almost Got Fired After These Hilarious Pranks

Teachers have an incredibly important responsibility, which is raising a whole new generation to become the future of their country. So one would think that they are exceptionally rightgeous and honorable people, but the truth is that they’re just normal like the rest of us, and if you mess with them, they’ll mess back with you.

These teachers got their sweet revenge on their students with incredibly witty and hilarious pranks that almost got them fired.

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Fun with work

Teacher pranks: papers

Although some people strive to be the best teacher ever to set foot in the classroom, others know the side tasks that come with the job. Yup, we’re talking about all of the paperwork. Staying up until midnight grading papers and planning lessons? No, thank you. That doesn’t mean that teachers can’t have a little fun with their work every now and then.

A place on the wall

Teacher pranks: quiz shaming

You know you’ve done a great job as a teacher when your students get impressively low scores. Wait, we might have got that wrong… Thankfully, getting a low quiz score here was no problem as students could join the wall of shame. Now, they’re no longer alone in their shame, not that most of us would want to end up on the wall.

No Walkens allowed

Teacher pranks: walkens not accepted

Teachers often seem a little boring, but that doesn’t mean they have no sense of humor. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. This teacher knows how to brighten everyone’s day, even if it is only a little smile. If you want to get a chance to talk to the comedy genius, then you’ll have to make an appointment as no Walkens are accepted.

Do it for the prank

Teacher pranks: floor

April Fools Day is a great chance to flex our comedy muscles and pull pranks on our friends. One class came together to pull off the perfect prank. Not only did they rearrange the classroom, but they got everyone to lay on the floor and wait for their teacher’s reaction. The best part? Class was probably short while they put everything back.

Just answer true

Just answer true

It’s not just students that get bored with tests. It turns out that some teachers get tired of grading the same papers over and over again. We’re not sure why, as this test seems to be online. Surely it works it all out for the teacher? Maybe they took pity on the class and wanted to ensure everyone got at least one point?

Fries with that?

McDonalds prank

Some teachers have no idea what to do other than hang their heads and wonder where they went so wrong when someone gets every question wrong. Here we thought teachers were supposed to help us get better? Not this one. They gave up on this student and skipped the hard part by handing them a McDonald’s application form with their test.

Stick to it

post-it sticky notes prank

While it might not be the most original prank to pull in the world, it takes a lot of effort to pull off walls filled with sticky notes. The senior class of 2013 wanted to leave their mark on computer class in the best way possible. We wonder how long it took to make Link and Mario come to life with sticky notes?

Question authority

question the authority prank

When your teacher asks you to impress them, you don’t have to go crazy writing out all your findings or asking the important questions in the universe. Sometimes, it’s all about questioning the man. You never know; taking a stand against authority could be all you need to score a few extra points on a test. It might be worth a try.

Just five minutes

teacher napping
The Federalist Papers

It’s not just students that need a little power nap every now and then. Working as a teacher isn’t a normal 9 to 5 job. It’s constantly working on lesson plans, marking tests, and helping students all day long. It seems it was all too much for one teacher who couldn’t wait until he got home. Quiet reading, class. It’s time for a catnap.

You only learn math once

minimum wage

What is it about algebra? Teachers often make out like it will be a huge part of our lives, but we haven’t found ourselves having to find ‘X’ or figuring out equations just yet. One student thought they would be a comedy genius with their answer. If only they hadn’t messed with the wrong teacher who replied with the ultimate burns.

Playing with fire

teacher set wasp on fire

If there is one thing most of us can universally agree on, it’s that wasps are pretty scary. If you’ve ever wondered what happens when a wasp flies into a science lesson, then here’s your answer. We’re not sure that we’d want to mess with this teacher after seeing him burn the ceiling just to get rid of a wasp.

A musical prodigy

Mozart prank

There is something about an empty piano that makes many of us want to walk up and press the keys. We can’t help it; it’s too tempting. It looks as though one teacher’s had enough of students practicing their musical talents, but how will we ever know if we’re the next Mozart if we’re not allowed to practice now and then?

A moment of silence

teacher crying

We can’t help but wonder what it was that finally pushed this teacher to their limit. Most teachers have learned how to hide their pain and disappointment until they’re home. Not this teacher. He was so upset by something that he couldn’t help but curl up into a ball on his desk and hide from the rest of the world.

Spoilers, spoilers everywhere

Game of Thrones spoiler prank

‘Game of Thrones’ is one of the biggest shows to hit our screens in recent years. While many of us wanted to know what happened, we wanted to see it for ourselves. There is often nothing worse than a spoiler. That’s where one teacher had the upper hand: they knew what was coming and weren’t afraid to ruin the show.

A teacher always knows

texting in class

Being a teacher means most people pick up on a few things. While we might think we have everything figured out and know how to get away with stuff in class, this teacher already has the upper hand – and he wanted his class to know. It’s true; teachers really do know when we’re up to no good, even when we think we’re sneaky.

A cruel joke

cruel joke

It’s not just students that love to mess with teachers. It turns out that some teachers have plans of their own. No matter how hard anyone studied for this test, they were about to learn that not everything is as it seems – depending on who you ask. We can’t imagine the panic in the student’s eyes when they discussed the test after class.

Smell the roses

stinky students

Sometimes, you need to say something as it is. We’re not sure we would have still had a place in school if we were caught charging our phone in class. However, it seems to be a problem for one teacher who’s had enough of smelling her class. If one more person unplugged their air freshener, there would be a lot of trouble…

Where’d he get the coffin?

teacher brings coffin to class

If there is one thing we love in this world, it’s someone that truly dedicates to a joke. This teacher has to be up there as one of the greatest. Not only did he bring a coffin to class, and not only did he get in it, but he also pulled the classic pose after learning just how awful his class had done on a test.

Out of hours


Being a teacher doesn’t end when the students leave the classroom. In fact, if teachers don’t want to get in trouble at school, they have to be available at all hours of the day. That was the case for one teacher, but what about when they wanted a break? All they needed was a sweater and a marker to create a stand-in.

Will you pass?

time will pass
The Chive

Many of us have spent hours looking at the clock wishing time would go faster. Is it just us, or does time seem to go even slower when we watch it? This teacher had enough of students paying more attention to the clock than to class. All they needed was a little reminder that tests were nearly on the horizon.

Read things through


Teachers know who pays attention and who goofs off in class. Sometimes they need to get a headstart to figure out who can follow instructions. What better way to do that than embarrass various people in the class? Even the person taking this photo fell for the steps before realizing it was all an elaborate test to see who pays attention.

Pose for the picture


Picture day can be a big moment for many of us. Some want to make sure they look the best in their yearbook, while others want to find a way to stand out. It’s not just the students. Teachers often have to pose for hundreds of yearbook photos throughout their careers. Perhaps it’s no wonder some get a little creative?

Too old and too small


Being in school is more than just learning subjects – it’s also a chance to grow into the person we’ll be for the rest of our lives. One of the many things to perfect is our handwriting. Sadly for one teacher, someone’s handwriting was a little too creative – and small – to read. The best bit? They didn’t even give them an F.

Outta here

teacher leaves the classroom
The Chive

Some teachers find themselves dreaming of their movie moment, aka the ones where everything falls into place, and they are hailed as a hero. Unfortunately, that day was no today for this teacher. When no one could get the answer to the question, they had no choice but to up and leave the classroom so they could cry in peace.

Brought to life

Facebook/The Sikkim Today

Some teachers want to be known as the ones that take no nonsense. Others? They want to bring their class to life and make a lasting impression on their students. It seems we’ve found one. Sure, you could talk about history from a book, but where’s the fun in that when you could act it out? That’s what we thought.

On the spot


One teacher thought they had sussed out the best way to make sure their students were never on their phones. That was until the students found the perfect way to get revenge. Before, they would be embarrassed about taking a call on speakerphone in the middle of class. Now, it was time for the teacher to feel what it’s like.

Taking a stand

teacher in pijamas

If we had our way, most of us would turn up to class in our pajamas. That’s what one teacher did when his class was moved to the early hours of the morning. Apparently, he was so unimpressed by the change that he protested by turning up to all of his lectures in his pajamas. This is the professor most of us need.

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