The Best College Majors To Get a Job in 2022

It used to be that if you went to college and earned your degree, you would be guaranteed a high-paying job the moment you finish school. Unfortunately, that is no longer the case in this economy. Getting a good job that will earn you lots of money and provide you with a comfortable life takes more than just a good report card nowadays, and there are many factors that go into it. Apart from having good connections, good grades, and a degree from a reputable university, you’ll need to have chosen college majors that pay well. Here is a list of the best college majors to get a job that will guarantee you a nice salary when you begin your career (how else will you pay off those school loans?). 

10. Computer Science (B.Comp.Sc.)

Average Starting Salary: $85,279
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Data Scientist, Software Engineer, Web Developer, Systems Analyst, IT Consultant

Every day we become more and more computer automated, so it only makes sense that some of the highest paying college degrees fall within the world of technology and computers. Having a degree in Computer Science can open a ton of doors for you, as almost every industry has a need for technological advancement. From cybersecurity to automation, having Computer Science expertise will make you a shoo-in for some of the highest-paying jobs around. This degree is really one of the best college majors to get a job because you are guaranteed to have more opportunities every year, as the world relies more and more on technology and less on manual labor.

9. Electrical Engineering (B.E.E.)

Average Starting Salary: $92,084
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Electrical Engineer, Special Effects Technician, Aerospace Engineer, Nuclear Engineer, Sound Engineer

It’s not an easy degree to get, but if you happen to be adept in the fields of mathematics and science, getting a B.E.E. degree could do wonders for your future career. This type of degree has a huge range of highly interesting fields you can get into, including automotive, telecommunication, power, transportation, construction, IT, and even aerospace. It’s also a great option for those who might not necessarily want to work in an office, as there are many hands-on, practical job opportunities which might look like blue-collar work, but actually pay extremely well. 

8. Finance (B.A(Fin))

Average Starting Salary: $71,046
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Investment Banker, Financial Planner, Corporate Finance Professional, Wealth Manager, Accountant

It makes sense that if you go where the money is, you’ll come out with a lot of it. Getting a degree in finance is an excellent move because as one of the best college majors that pay well, it will teach you invaluable skills not only about how to make money but also how to manage it wisely. A finance degree is one of the best business degrees to get, as it will get you on the road to working at big-time financial institutions including international banks as well as the stock market. If your dream is to rock a suit and tie on your way to Wall Street every morning where you’ll work hard and make the big bucks, this major is for you.

7. Mechanical Engineering (B.S.M.E.)

Average Starting Salary: $72,809
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Robotics Engineer, Automotive Research Engineer, Heating and Cooling Systems Engineer, Materials Engineer

When we think of technology, we often focus only on the abstract results and forget about all of the tiny physical parts that go into building these incredible machines and devices which make our lives easier and more convenient every day. But for them to exist, someone has to know how to design and build them, and that’s where Mechanical Engineering comes in. If you want to contribute to the world of IT, automotive, telecommunication, aerospace, any many more, with a more ‘hands-on’ approach, this degree is your answer. You’ll be designing and constructing blueprints for a whole range of different appliances and technology, as well as conducting research on how to make them better, as while earning one of the highest paying college degrees.

6. Information Technology  (B.Sc(IT))

Average Starting Salary: $67,866
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Computer Network Architect, Mobile Developer, UX Designer, Database Administrator, Computer Systems Analyst

Technology geeks we’re looking at you! Unlike a degree in Computer Science, which tends to look at the more general concepts of computing (the math and theory of the big picture), Information Technology (IT for short) takes an in-depth look at the specific technologies that make up a computer. This includes the software, the databases, and the networking. If you love computers and would like to hyper-focus your career on becoming an expert in a certain subject, an IT degree is the way to go. Instead of learning mathematical concepts, you will take a deep-dive into software development and testing, database processing and storing, communication between devices, and much more. 

5. Civil Engineering  (B.C.E.) 

Average Starting Salary: $83,524
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Environmental Engineer, Marine, Engineer, Design Engineer, Water Resource Engineer, Geotechnical Engineer

If you’ve always wanted to make a real impact on the world when it comes to people and their means of livelihood, a degree in Civil Engineering could be a fantastic option. Unlike other types of engineering degrees, this one specifically focuses on the engineering of systems that make up a city/village/town where a society lives. Basically, you will be engineering structural systems (bridges, dams, construction sites, etc.), making sure people have clean water and working plumbing, working with the land and resources in the area, and much more. 

4. Statistics (B.Sc.(Stat))

A statistician looking at a graph

Average Starting Salary: $69,648
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Actuary, Stock Trader, Financial Quantitative Analyst, Data Scientist, Business Analyst

While this degree is not for everyone, those who do love mathematics and numerical trends in general can do extremely well with a major in Statistics. Everything depends on data these days, from marketing to public health to politics, so it stands to reason that a Statistics major is one of the highest paying college degrees as well as a useful addition to many different fields. This degree is one of the more versatile and flexible majors you can have, as your career can lean towards everything from business to psychology to industry and even government.

3. Nursing (BSN)

Average Starting Salary: $84,378
Popular Entry-Level Careers: ICU Nurse, Pediatric Nurse, Midwife, Paramedic, Physician’s Assistant, Auxiliary Nurse, High Intensity Therapist

What could be more rewarding than helping to keep people healthy and feeling great? If you agree, you might want to consider a degree in Nursing. This is one of the more rewarding majors on our list, and you have the opportunity to specialize in whatever area you’d like, be it intensive care, pediatrics, maternity, elderly, and so much more. Also, pursuing a career in Nursing doesn’t restrict you to working in a hospital. There is a huge demand for nurses in senior care homes, schools, military bases, and even freelance (auxiliary). 

2. Management Information Systems (B.M.I.S)

Average Starting Salary: $78,715
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Application Analyst, Project Manager, Database Administrator, IT Consultant, Information Systems Manager, Cyber Security Analyst, IT Technical Support Officer

This type of degree calls for the multi-talented mind, as it combines the two fields of technology and business into one, streamlined process. MIS majors are in high demand, as businesses are becoming more automated each day, and they need someone to make sure their operations are running smoothly. Typically, business owners of large companies are not so well-versed in tech, so they need someone who understands the working of a computer, while at the same time, can comprehend the business’s milestones and goals. This degree is one of the best business degrees to get, as it is the perfect balance of business and tech, two of the biggest money-makers there are. 

1. Biomedical Engineering (B.M.E)

Average Starting Salary: $73,413
Popular Entry-Level Careers: Biomaterials Developer, Biomedical Researcher, Rehabilitation Engineer, Medical Technology Developer, Manufacturing Engineer, Independent Medical Consultant

This college major is very specialized, as it is an even more in-depth version of its cousin, Bioengineering. The difference is that the former takes the theoretical practices on bioengineering and applies them directly to the real-world practice of improving public health. This career focuses on the creation of new processes and technologies which can be used in all types of healthcare scenarios, including everything from prosthetics to artificial organ implants (like pacemakers are cochlear implants), as well as surgical tools and even automated “robot” surgeons. This is definitely one of the more intense college majors that pay well, but also one of the most rewarding and innovative. 

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