These Are The Most Expensive Sorority Houses In America

When you think of college housing and dorms, you probably picture tiny spaces, springboard bunk beds, and a communal bathroom. That is, of course, unless you happened to be part of a sorority at your university. While not every university across the country houses its Greek members in lavish mansions (if they have Greek life at all), many campuses offer Fraternity and Sorority members the opportunity to live on some of the most gorgeous, extravagant properties known to college-kind. Here are the most expensive sorority houses across America that you wish you had the chance to live in.

Alpha Phi – University of Alabama

Alpha Phi sorority house

This property is definitely a show-stopper, but only the lucky members get a peek of what it’s hiding inside. The mansion sleeps 72 girls (and one house-mom) and includes wrap-around porches on both floors. There is also an unnecessary amount of chandeliers hung all throughout the house, as well as 10 televisions, in case the girls can’t agree on just one show.

Fun fact: Kourtney Kardashian is an Alpha Phi sister!

Sigma Kappa – University of Florida

Sigma Kappa sorority house

The Sigma Kappa house at the University of Florida is a whopping 25,000 square feet. The massive sorority house has a full-service kitchen and laundry room on each floor. It also has a designated arts and crafts room…you know, for Littles Week. Despite its beauty, it is not even one of the most expensive sorority houses on the list.

Alphi Phi – University of Colorado: Boulder

Alpha Phi sorority house

The Alphi Phi CU Boulder chapter is lucky enough to live in this super-ornate all-brick mansion that would make anyone jealous. The sprawling lawn is always green, and there is a huge fireplace making it luxurious and cozy, any time of the year.

Kappa Kappa Gamma – University of Arkansas

Kappa Kappa Gamma sorority house

This sorority house is reminiscent of an old plantation home, which is basically a southern mansion. This 46,000+ square foot home has all of the southern charm available, including chandeliers galore, as well as an actual grand staircase with a full-sized handrail, so you can make your grand entrance every time you leave for class.

Tri Delta – Mississippi State University

Tri Delta sorority house

This gorgeous 43,000 square-foot sorority house is as prim and proper and you can get. The biggest highlight of the property is probably the 250-person dining room, which, as a proper southern mansion should, opens up into a private outdoor courtyard to soak up the summer sun.

Alpha Kappa Alpha – University of Alabama

Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority house
Ben Flanagan

Going right along with the southern charm theme, the AKA house boasts gorgeous columns encompassing a big porch with adorable pink rocking chairs to sit out and enjoy the weather.

Kappa Alpha Theta – University of Southern California

Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house

This big and beautiful sorority house fits in well with the California building style, beachy yet luxurious. You can’t see it from the street, but this house has a rooftop patio, complete with comfy lounge chairs.

Delta Gamma – University of Alabama

The most expensive sorority houses in America: Delta Gamma sorority house

You can probably tell how ginormous this house is by looking at the sorority sisters in front of it. Inside, there is a vast marble foyer, a study area the size of a conference room, and even chill-out rooms painted pink. Not to mention a huge sitting room for sister bonding time, as well as a grand piano to entertain guests.

Pi Beta Phi – University of Kansas

The most expensive sorority houses in America: Pi Beta Phi sorority house

This enormous property was actually the first official sorority house at the University of Kansas, so they set the bar extremely high for the following houses. Every inch of it is pristine and beautiful, including the engraved letters out front so anyone who walks by knows who lives there.

Zeta Tau Alpha – University of Alabama

The most expensive sorority houses in America: Zeta Tau Alpha sorority house

This beautiful 3-story sorority house is home to 67 sisters at a time. Inside, you can find a huge floating grand staircase, a massive outdoor patio complete with TVs, and a library with a crown-shaped chandelier.

Delta Zeta – University of Tennessee: Knoxville

The most expensive sorority houses in America: Delta Zeta sorority house

This perfectly pristine Delta Zeta house holds 44 sisters…and 16 bathrooms. Which is excellent when you live with more than, let’s face it, ONE girl.  Oh, and there are also 5 executive suites for the old sisters with higher-up positions. They also have two, yes two, outdoor patios, so it’s basically a country club. 

Chi Omega – University of Kansas

The most expensive sorority houses in America: Chi Omega sorority house

As you can see from the zoomed out picture, this property is enormous. There is room for 86 sisters, as well as a full in-home movie theater. The house also boasts an enormous fountain outside, called The Chi Omega Fountain, which is basically famous at this point.  obs already knew that, since it’s a favorite spot for grad and formal pics.

Pi Beta Phi – University of Kansas

The most expensive sorority houses in America: Pi Beta Phi sorority house

The Pi Beta Phi house at University of Kansas holds a whopping 98 sisters, so it’s basically always a party. Also, you never have to leave because they have a gym inside!

Phi Mu – University of Georgia

The most expensive sorority houses in America: Phi Mu sorority house

This charming and historic sorority house has an authentic Georgian feel to it, as it was built in 1857 and was the first sorority house built at the university. More recently, the sisters have added a two-level dormitory area to accommodate for more sisters to come join the fun.

Kappa Alpha Theta – Southern Methodist University

The most expensive sorority houses in America: Kappa Alpha Theta sorority house

Coming in second place in the most expensive sorority houses in America: this beautiful, very posh house is worth a cool $7.3 million. Why, you ask? Well, it comes complete with a full-service elevator, a room for your luggage, and fountains to fill up your water bottles in the hallway.

Phi Mu – University of Alabama

The most expensive sorority house in America: Phi Mu sorority house

No, you are not looking at a close up of the White House. This is the Phi Mu sorority house at the University of Alabama. The suspiciously presidential home is almost 40,000 square feet, and it cost $13 million to build. Although it’s enormous, only 68 sisters live there at a time. 

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