Where Did Kevin Durant Go To College?

Name:Kevin Wayne Durant
College:University of Texas (2006-2007)

What College Did Kevin Durant Attend?

Before graduating from high school in 2006, Kevin Durant has already pledged himself to the University of Texas and began playing for their team on a full scholarship.

Kevin Durant playing for the University of Texas
Kevin Durant playing for the University of Texas

What Degree Does Kevin Durant Have?

One year of university was enough for Kevin Durant to show the world his true talent. After a hyper-successful year playing for the University of Texas, Durant declared for the NBA draft and was the 2nd overall pick of the Seattle SuperSonics. Kevin Durant did not earn a college degree from the University of Texas.

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Was Kevin Durant in a Fraternity? If So, Which One?

No. Despite the many Greek organizations at the University of Texas, Kevin Durant did not join any Fraternity.

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