Rare Vintage Frat Photos That May Not Be Suitable For All Eyes

Fraternities or “frats” are known for their uncontrolled behavior and unstoppable partying, but several years ago it was even wilder than it is today.

Back in the day, many things used to fly under the radar due to the unavailability of smartphones and portable cameras. Luckily, these photographers caught these images at the right exact moment.

These rarely seen photos depict a wild side of fraternities from the ’60s ’70s and ’80s most people never imagined seeing with their own eyes.

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That’s what I call: “giving the audience what they want”

No matter what decade or time period you’re living in, “the boys” always want the same thing, and these ’80s frat guys are no different.

Lucky for them, this smokin’ sorority sister didn’t mind giving them a sneak preview of what they’d all been waiting for.

Some things will never change. And this picture right here is definitely one of them. 

“I use to be built to crush diesels, delete brewdaddies, and inhale cold guys” – Your Dad

There’s nothing quite like a shirtless muscle photo with a giant mug of beer to let people know you are most definitely in a Fraternity.

This guy (who is probably somebody’s dad by now) didn’t have wasn’t embarrassed at all about striking a pose and showing off how much he could have while still looking good.

He’s also not doing a great job at hiding the rest of the beers behind him.

Pool parties were a lot crazier back then – Vintage ΣΝ at Arizona State

Just because there weren’t as many technological advancements in the ’80s, doesn’t mean Fraternities and Sororities didn’t have just as much fun as they do now.

These college Greeks all got together for one of the most epic pool parties ever, and they even managed a nice picture before all of the fun and games ensued.

We’re positive everyone had an incredible time.

Car washes at Troy University had nothing to do with ‘cleaning your car’

Nowadays, everyone goes to automatic car washes when they want to get their vehicles cleaned and sparkling.

However, back before these were a thing, car washes were a great way to raise money for your organization.

All you’d have to do is send out your shirtless Frat brothers or bikini-glad sorority sisters, and you’d have customers lining up for a car wash (and a show, of course).

Not all heroes wear capes – ΣΦΕ from WCU in the Gulf War 1992

Not every college student gets a job straight out of school.

In fact, a lot of them go join the army to become soldiers, which is the case with these two Fraternity brothers, each repping their Fraternity along with their military uniforms.

Even if they are stationed far away overseas, they’ve still got to flaunt their Greek pride even while training on base. 

Flying the flag – Vintage ΣΑΕ at University of Maryland

This is probably one of the coolest ways we’ve seen Fraternity brothers show their pride in their organization.

These two brothers decided that, if they were going to jump out of a plane thousands of feet in the air, they were going to bring the spirit of their Greek brotherhood with them as they soared.

You can see their Fraternity and chapter, flying high above the clouds.

ΣΑΕ at Florida State University 1990

Of course, every Fraternity and Sorority has to take their composite photos sitting up straight, matching, and looking their absolute best.

But that doesn’t mean that silly (let’s be honest, we mean more realistic) pictures are off the table.

The brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon decided to take a group shot showing exactly who they are and have that framed in the house too.

You’ll never be as cool as your mom!

Only an absolute champion and a true Sorority girl can chug a full bottle of wine without so much as a flinch.

This superstar Greek girl isn’t missing a beat as she drinks straight from the bottle, while still posing and looking like a supermodel.

And did you catch those super cute vintage beads in her hair? Those and that tan make us think Spring Break wasn’t so long ago.

Or your aunts…

If you were in a Fraternity or Sorority (or just went to an American college in general), this sight is probably not new to you.

But isn’t it crazy to think that decades ago partying was happening in the exact same way?

You probably have this exact picture holding the funnel up for one of your friends in a hotel room, just like these party girls.

The only thing that’s different here is the hair and the outfits.

Spring Break is not the same anymore

You’ve got to love two strong, independent Sorority women! It’s a known fact that college girls who join Greek Life end up with really strong connections and networking skills, as well as sisterhood bonds that last a lifetime.

We’re willing to bet that these two girls are probably still the very best of friends to this day. Maybe their kids are in the same Sorority as well and can continue the tradition. 

Ask this guy:

Every single Fraternity in the country has some version of “that guy”.

You know, the one who will strap himself by the speedo (that he willingly chose to go out in) to a speedboat and make his brothers take a picture of him because it would be hilarious.

He might be crazy, but you’ve got to love this kind of brother, as he always keeps a smile on everyone’s face.

Your mom’s high school superlative was definitely “most likely to marry for money”

This looks like the start of a super fun night. It’s definitely taking place at the Sorority house (note the pretty handmade hearts on the wall), and the girls have just ordered pizza and soda (looks like vintage Dr. Pepper!), and now they are ready to get the party started.

It looks like this sister is already a few drinks deep, but she still looks perfect. What a skill!

I wouldn’t mind a ride on that thing

This sorority sister is obviously the absolute coolest person in the area.

All eyes are on her as she rides into where everyone is tailgating either a music festival or a sports game.

She can’t help but turn heads in her super nice bikini and even nicer ride.

The orange and zebra stripes really make it the most eye-catching thing around.

[Insert pickup line from the ’70s here]

This picture basically sums up the ’70s in a nutshell perfectly. Check out this stunning Sorority girl in a bikini, matching socks, and ROLLER BLADES casually taking a drag, without a care in the world.

Her Frat brother boyfriend rides beside her in his pickup truck (it’s probably his dad’s, but still), and gives a thumbs up because he knows how lucky he is.

Possibly one of the first ever photographs of dudes being dudes. Circa 1980s

Fraternities are notorious for making all types of games into competitions on their days off.

These brothers set up a game of sit-down pong where they have to stay in their chairs to throw the ball into the corner cups.

They have a designated judge sitting on top of a folding table, to make sure no one is cheating, and some brother waiting in the wing for their turn.

I bet this guy was “busy” staring at the wall all day

It’s like a right of passage for any college student to put up posters of his celebrity crushes on his dorm room wall.

It seems this ’80s Frat bro was infatuated with none other than the stunning Farah Faucet, and he was definitely not afraid to show it.

It’s a little obsessive if you ask us, but to each his own.

Pretty sure this was Joe Exotic’s father

Every Fraternity has a mascot, which is usually a dog, cat, or even a goat.

But almost none of them can boast that they have a leopard as their mascot.

We have so many questions here like where did they get him? Where does he live?

And did he have to go through Frat initiation too like the rest of the brothers? Or was HE the initiation…?

One In Each Arm

Who can resist a muscular man who can lift both you and your friend off the ground, one in each arm?

This buff Fraternity brother has a huge smile on his face, which is no surprise as he is holding two stunning Sorority girls in his arms.

Where is he taking them? We don’t know, but we’re sure they didn’t mind where they ended up with him.

Beach Babes

Spring break might look different these days, but it will always be college kids looking tan and gorgeous spending their days with friends at the beach.

These super stunning Sorority sisters spent the day together at the beachside bar getting their tans on and letting their hair get all beach-wavy.

We can’t see what they are ordering but we’re willing to bet that it’s probably something pretty strong.

Tri D(olphin)

This sister of the Delta Delta Delta (Tri Delta) Sorority went with her sisters to the aquarium to meet this extremely cute dolphin.

The dolphin probably thought she was really cute as well, as he came right up close to her onto her lap to say hello.

She looks both pleased and a little afraid all at the same time.

Bear Wrestling

Nowadays this would be considered completely inhumane and most definitely illegal, but back in the ’80s any man would be eager to prove his “manhood” by taking on a giant black bear and trying to pin it down without getting totally mauled.

We hope this was voluntary and not part of the Frat’s initiation because that could have ended really really badly.

Judging by the face this guy is making, that bear was taking no prisoners.

No Food, No Lights

Fraternities and Sororities are special in that they often hold themed events and parties for the other organizations to meet up and have a good time together.

This frat made a burger joint themed party, but made sure to explain on the sign that there would be no burgers involved. What they did provide was lots of drinks, which is all you really need. 

Macho Men with ripped abs and very tiny shorts was the style

These ’70s Fraternity brothers had to make sure that they kept themselves in shape to impress all of the ladies that year on Spring Break when they were out at the beach parties all day.

They left no stone unturned when it came to their gym routines, but we are definitely questioning that guy on the left’s choice of short shorts.


Being in a Fraternity or Sorority isn’t only about fun and partying.

In fact, in order to keep your sisterhood status, you need to make sure your grades are kept up and your schoolwork is completed on time.

These lovely sisters are all dressed up and ready for class with books (and of course, more importantly, coffees) in hand.


There’s no way to guess what sort of antics the Frat brothers will get up to at any party, so seeing this guy wear the empty Budweiser container on his head and a mask and hat doesn’t really surprise us (and we bet it didn’t surprise his brothers either).

He probably finished the pack by himself and wanted to proudly show it off.

Sitting on a throne of victory with his conquests laid out beneath him

When you’re on Spring Break with your Frat brothers, anything goes. Want to drink your own weight before 9am? Go for it!

Want to pile up each can by throwing them onto the balcony and wading through the trash until you find your chair? Be our guest.

This Frat bro has made sure that not one hand is empty, for the entire break, and he carries a case around with more just in case.

Vintage Uber rides for hangover tacos

These college Greeks are having the time of their young lives on Spring Break of 1986 in Port Aransas, Texas.

And like any good college student would after a full night of partying, these friends are on their way to grab some delicious hangover Mexican food to give them fuel for the adventures of the day.

Some brothers picked up the girls and had them sitting in the back of their pickup truck to get them there.

Like a toilet seat at a Rolling Stones concert

Ever since mankind figured out how to print text onto t-shirts, we’ve been doing crazy stuff like this.

And only a Frat bro would have the courage to wear a shirt with this message on it proudly, as he shows off his catch of the day.

He probably thought that this shirt would help him catch some women as well, but we’re not entirely convinced that it worked.

ΣΦΕ Playboy Photoshoot at UConn 1987

These might just be the luckiest Fraternity brothers in the history of Greek life.

The Sigma Phi Epsilon Fraternity at the University of Connecticut had the privilege of hosting a Playboy Bunny photoshoot right at their very own Frat house.

We don’t know how they managed to swing something like this (where did they get the money?), but we’re sure that not one of these brothers pictured here will ever forget 1987.

This man impregnated every single women within his proximity via pure eye contact

There’s a lot going on with this man’s look, but the thing that stands out the most in this picture is his pure, unadulterated confidence.

He decided to walk out of his house that morning wearing a t-shirt that said “the more I DRINK the better you LOOK”, a well as rainbow striped brick-patterned shorts and a mustache straight out of a mafia movie.

In order to be a great wingman, one must fall on the grenade sometimes

Okay, we do NOT condone this type of behavior, as it’s very cruel, but this is definitely in character for a Fraternity boy.

This college Greek stands proudly next to the back of his truck where a message is painted for all to see.

Again, this is very mean, and we don’t really understand what his goal was other than to make fun of people.

Does anyone want fish??

Boys will be boys, and they have always been “boys”, as proven in this picture.

These Frat bros went out on a fishing trip and decided to memorialize their day by taking a group photo. Only this isn’t your typical picture.

Instead, they all got undressed (except the rainboots) and used a giant fish they each caught to cover up anything inappropriate.

A man and his bunnies

Fraternities and Sorority love throwing themed parties called “Socials”, where they choose a theme and all attendees must come in costume to the event.

This one must have been Playboy themed, as the Sorority sisters came in complete bunny costumes (ears, tails, and all) and the men were dressed in nice suits.

We’re sure they felt like Hugh Hefner all night at this event.

Everything in this picture screams horse

There’s always that one Fraternity brother who looks at least 10 years older than the rest of the brothers.

Maybe he got held back a few years, or maybe puberty sent him into overdrive, but this Frat bro definitely looks like he could be everyone’s father.

We’re not saying he looks bad though, that handlebar mustache could probably hold up a bridge.

Brave enough to smack 50 White Castle Sliders to the face

If you’ve ever been to White Castle, you know that you can’t order only one burger. Their burger style is small sliders, of which you could easily eat 3-5 depending on how hungry you are.

These Frat brothers, however, were not messing around when they took the drive down to the famous fast food joint.

They must have eaten something like 30 sliders between them.

Just a cool dude in his natural habitat

It’s the truth that some people are just more photogenic than others, and this dude definitely fits the bill.

These Fraternity brothers have been out of college for a few years, but they still meet up a few times a year to party and relive their glory days.

This brother shows off just how cool he looks on a water ski, holding on only with his foot so he can show off his muscles.

ΒΘΠ Homecoming Float Clemson 1988

When Homecoming rolls around, a lot of colleges have parades where organizations can show off who they are. For the 1988 Homecoming parade, the Beta Theta Pi Fraternity of Clemson University made this epic float, which was an enormous replica of a can of Budweiser.

This was obviously to let the students know exactly what they were about, no secrets.

Yeah this probably isn’t good

In order to get into a Fraternity or Sorority, the pledges have to act upon the will of the Brothers and Sisters.

They must complete the tasks and requests, or they will not be initiated.

Unfortunately, sometimes these tasks are dangerous, even criminal, and the police are called. Luckily, no one was hurt, but some pledges did get arrested for stealing sheep.

ΑΤΩ Family Portrait at Oklahoma State 1987

Nothing describes what it’s really like to be in a Fraternity quite like this family photo right here.

The boys are acting rowdy and loving it as they pose in the most outrageous ways they could think of, each one using his own personality as a guide.

They’re lifting barrels, wearing crazy costumes and one of them is even about to ride away on a motorcycle. But did you catch the straight-edge army dude on the left?

ΚΣ Party Preparation at Bucknell 1986

Who says Fraternity brothers can’t be organized enough to throw an event?

These brothers of Kappa Sigma were preparing to throw one of the most epic opening parties Bucknell University had ever seen, as they ordered a whopping 47 full barrels of drinks for their party guests.

It’s a good thing one of them has a car, or this would have been impossible.

ΠΚΑ at APSU 1995

Fraternities and beer obviously go hand in hand, if you haven’t noticed the pattern by now.

These Pi Kappa Alpha brothers stand proudly next to the truck filled with Budweiser barrels they have just obtained.

Those two boys in the front must be extremely strong, or they’re cheating and those barrels are already empty, because those things weigh a ton.

Skippy Rizzo Security Chairman Mizzou 1994

Every Fraternity has a mascot, which is usually a dog, who has an often strange but hilarious name.

And they are always featured on the composite photo as well.

But, if your mascot just so happens to be n armadillo, you’re going to have to get creative about how to fit him into the picture.

A makeshift body with a suit and tie should do it.

ΠΚΑ Spring Formal at ASU 1998

Once a semester, each Greek organization has a Formal, which is basically a nicer party where you bring a date and dress up (similar to Prom).

But, at the end of the day, a Fraternity party is a Fraternity party, and even though everyone is in evening attire, everyone gets totally wild by the end of the night.

That’s why you should always take pictures first, so you don’t have to worry about ruining your look.

Towers – Chico State, Phi Kappa Tau, 1977

Can you imagine driving by this Phi Kappa Tau Fraternity house and seeing something new and crazy every day?

Well on this day, in 1977, the PKT brothers at Chico State decided to get out ladders and stack up all of the empty barrels they drank from the last night’s party.

Why would they do something like this? Well, because they can of course. No other reason.

ΣΝ Relays at Arizona State 1992

When you hear the word “relays” you probably think of some kind of sporting race.

But when the brothers of Sigma Nu have an event called “relays” they obviously had a different kind of sport in mind…the one that involves drinking as much as you possibly can.

They go to Arizona State, so it’s not all that surprising that they are always more than down to party.

Shenanigans at Western Illinois University

We’re not exactly sure whether this girl misplaced her clothes while playing a game of strip beer pong, or maybe she just showed up like this.

But luckily for her, one of the brothers of Sigma Chi at Western Illinois University was kind enough to offer her up his hat, to try and cover up SOME of her chest.

Of course, he probably had an extra shirt that would have sufficed better…

ΣΧ Derby Days at Florida 1981

Any college that hosts multiple Greek organizations holds annual intramural sports competitions between the different Fraternities and Sororities.

It’s a time when all of the sisters and brothers come together for a day (or a week) of athletic competitions by day, and of course, parties by night.

Just look at the faces of these Sorority girls from the University of Florida in 1981.

ΣΑΕ Portrait at Florida 1986

When Fraternity brothers are given the freedom to dress and pose themselves for their Frat picture, this can sometimes happen.

In the fall of 1986, the brothers of Sigma Alpha Epsilon at the University of Florida decided they would go with a shirtless look, pants around their ankles, and ties.

We don’t get it, but then again, it’s not really meant for us obviously.

ΦΔΘ Lil Sis Halloween at Iowa 1986

There’s a lot going on here, but it looks like the Lil’ Sis Halloween event at the Phi Delta Theta Sorority house at Iowa State was a crazy good time.

It looks like the sister’s costume is a bunny, but the boys seem to have gone totally random with capes and animal masks.

Either way, we’re pretty sure no one could tell (or even cared) what each other was dressed as by the end of the night.

Muddy Brothers at West Virginia University

Judging by the clean, fully dressed brothers sitting comfortably at the top of the hill on the grass looking down at the shirtless, pantsless pledges covered in mud, that this is most likely a hazing event.

We don’t know what they are making them do here, but it’s definitely a dirty job.

This pledge had to take a selfie to document what was happening to him.

ΑΔΠ Goddess of Greek Row at GSU 1989

The Greek Goddess competition is where each Fraternity and Sorority would chose their best looking and most talented member to perform for everyone and dress up (much like a beauty competition) and then a winner is chosen by the rest of Greek life.

These stunning college Greeks are up on stage posing together before the competition starts. They certainly do look heavenly up there.

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