Where Did Vin Diesel Go To College?

Name:Mark Sinclair
College:Hunter College (1985-1988)

What College Did Vin Diesel Attend?

After graduating high school, Vin Diesel went on to enroll at Hunter
where he studied for three years before dropping out to pursue screenwriting and then, later on, acting.

Vin Diesel in his Senior Year
Vin Diesel in his Senior Year

What Degree Does Vin Diesel Have?

While at Hunter College, Vin Diesel was studying Creative Writing, which is what gave birth to his interest in screenwriting. Three years into his degree, he dropped out to go and pursue his career. Vin Diesel did not earn a college degree.

Was Vin Diesel in a Fraternity? If So, Which One?

No. Although there was Greek Life at Hunter College, Vin Diesel did not join a Fraternity while at school.

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